Thursday, 30 August 2007

Day Centres - Systemic injustice

Day Centres - Systemic injustice

I don’t want to be herded around or trained.
With nowhere to use the skills I’ve gained.

In an over crowed centre where one size fits all
With your risk assessments and safety protocols.

My life should not be based on stereotypes, labels and low expectations,
I want my own money and personalization.

I don’t want to be segregated and disabled by society,
I want respect, human rights and equality.

I want to be proactive and choose the things I do with my days,
Not stuck to a timetable and adult dehumanizing ways.

I want to employ my own staff who embrace neurodiversity,
Who don’t see me as a ‘service user’ or ‘client’ who needs pity.

I want to be empowered with a person centred plan
Citizenship and real choice like any modern day young man.