Sunday, 31 August 2008

Liberty Festival 2008

C is still finding the move to his new home difficult. He has been home for a couple of weekends now which have been great, and has been overly excited! His new home is close enough for me to be able to just take him out for a day, which I did yesterday for the first time. We went to London to see the Liberty Festival. Celebrating the contribution of Deaf and disabled people to London’s culture at Trafalgar Square.

When I picked C up, I did a quick mental check of his appearance (as us mums do!) his hair needs a cut as do his nails, but as yet he is not letting anyone intrude on him that much. I looked at what he was wearing, as its weird what other people dress him in. Tee shirt- good, long shorts- good. He looked great- he looked gorgeous until I scanned down to his feet. Socks AND sandals!! Why do people do this to people with learning disabilities (I also see this in my home town). He’s 19! C should be trendy and fashion conscious!
So the first thing I did on the train was to take them off without getting my ears drums burst from Cs excited squeals.

We arrived in London in glorious sunshine, the first we have seen all summer. Trafalgar square looked great and had a wonderful carnival feel to it, with music, comedy and caberet, performers, stalls, side shows and wafts of cooking smells.

There was a lot to see, my favourite was Barbie imperfecta - The chance to mess with the media’s idea of perfection, if you ever wished Barbie to look more like a real people this is your chance.
I tried to put Barbie’s fingers in her ears but she wasn’t having it! What would you have done?

Do you remember Chip? They used to be on street corners begging for money. Thankfully you don't see them any more. Barbara Lisicki 'freed' several of them and were asking people to give them makeovers!

Cs favourite was feet watching.

At one of the stalls I signed something, turned to walk away when I heard "Casdok -are you Casdok?!" I certainly wasn’t expecting that! And ended up having a lovely chat with 2 very charming young men from the London Autistic Rights Movement, Roderick and Tom.

These balloons then caught my eye as there was a leaflet with a photo of Amanda on it from her Getting the truth out site (which is under construction at the mo) The balloons stood for people trapped in the care system without access to information and communication technology. I couldn't stand and chat to the people from AutreachIT at this display as C had had enough by then.

So hot and weary we went back down on the tubes which C cant get enough of! (Quickly walking past this poster!)
And then headed south back to Cs home. He was not impressed to be going back so soon after a lovely day out. I found it hard to as he didn’t want me to leave. Fighting back the tears I said goodbye and handed over the offending pair of socks.

This Kick Ass blogger award is from Bobbie. Thank you Bobbie.

I'm only supposed to pass it on to 5 other Kick Ass bloggers which is not easy as most parents of Autistic children have to kick ass! So (and i hope Bobbie doesn't mind) i would like to pass this on to you all.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

What matters..

There are many myths and theories surrounding autism.
Autism has been around longer that it has had a name and much longer than many of the theories below were even invented.
Here's a light hearted collection of some of the theories that are around.

Did I shampoo our dog?!
Or was I specially chosen by god?

When pregnant was I stressed?
Or did the devil my son possess.?!

Is C the next stage of evolution?
In the air was there pollution?

Did I conceive in late spring?
Do I remember if it was raining?!

Is C a crystal child waiting to ascend?
Or is he one of the mutant X-Men?

Was it the dental fillings I had?
Or the triple vaccine MMR jab?

Was it my lipstick that was red?!
Or the mobile phone near my head?

Could it be a food allergy?
Or my disordered personality?!

Was it the smoking and drinking which was bad?
Or C having an older dad?

Was I a cold refrigerator mom?
Who always had the TV on?

Or does C have an extreme male brain?
Many things that would explain!

C wasn’t held to ransom,
Nor is he a victim or a madman.

Words hit like a fist - like Retard
Or he’s a brat whom I didn’t spank hard.

It doesn’t matter to me what was the cause
Or the whys and wherefores.

As if you look at my family tree
Its more than plane to see!

What matters is the here and now,
Not the why, not the how.

Autism has made C who he is today -
I wouldn’t have him any other way.

I support C and help him as best I can.
I love him for who he is. C a wonderful young man.