Thursday, 17 February 2011

Worst case scenario

C’s head banging has been out of control :(
Being pre-verbal does not mean having nothing to say! C has been trying to tell us something.

Even with ABC chartsfunctional analysis observations – sometimes we just can’t get to the bottom of such massive sensory distress. It is very frightening and frustrating for all as we can’t help him.

A best interests meeting was called to discuss emergency medical treatment and ensure there is a clear plan around what to do – a reactive management plan with a gradient of responses for worst case scenarios. I found it quite tough as it’s a subject people avoid talking about. But this is C’s reality. And the outcome of the meeting was very positive and reassuring. 

Staff now know what a detached retina looks like, concussion, whiplash and induced fits, when to call an ambulance/when not to etc. They will keep C’s health action plan up to date and make him a hospital passport.

Proactive work needs to be continued looking at alternative ways for C to communicate. Intensive Interaction is the way forward I feel for C for this. To keep his environment safe but without isolating him. ‘Engagement in meaningful activity’. C loves the local sensory room but with cuts this is closing (maybe C's home should buy it?). He loves to be out and about so staff have to feel supported and confidant. The staff are the backbone – the reflection on how C is doing.

C needs much support which comes at a high price just to keep him safe and have a life like everyone else. At this time when the LA’s are making massive spending cuts it is very worrying indeed.