Monday, 20 December 2010

Merry Newtonmas Everyone

The Autism Act 2009 was the first ever disability-specific law in England. This Act did two main things.
First to put a duty on the Government to produce a strategy for adults with autism, which was published on 2nd March 2010
That's C top right
The Government also had to produce statutory guidance for local councils and local health bodies on implementing the adult autism strategy which was published on December 17th 2010
Local councils and local health bodies now have a legal duty to implement it. (What there is of it)
Lack of money will not necessarily be a strong reason not to.
It covers training for staff, identification and diagnosis of adults, planning of services, including transition from child to adult services and local leadership.

So still rather woolly and open to interpretation. But this has made legal history and to my mind should open a few doors to raising much needed awareness. It is a start. Something we can positively build on e.g we need Autism Partnership Boards in all areas.

C in the mean time has been busy in Parliament!!’s a photo of a photo of C and I used by Viv Cooper of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation in a recent joint APPG on autism and learning disability in the House of Commons to which I was invited. Viv talked about their new Charter 

So some possible hope for raising autism awareness for the future in one hand and on the other real fear as disabled people discuss suicide because of the proposed cuts to our Welnotfare system. Ministers need a Newton moment to remind them of past promises made and give them some understanding into the complex challenges that people have on a day to day basis for the simplest of things let alone trying to pay for basic needs such as heating, eating, getting around and picking up spoons etc 

"Dire consequences" for disabled people. Neil Coyle, Director of Policy at Disability Alliance
"Devastating chain reaction" for people with autism. Mark Lever, Chief Executive NAS
"Many people will literally become prisoners in their own homes." Richard Hawkes CE Scope
And we have yet to hear the fate of carers.

Some sites to check out
to name but a few.
Am happy to add more.