Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Health matters

C is doing sooo well. He is really enjoying night clubs and has gone from holding 1 of my hands to a 2 handed stim  dance from behind!
Since being in his new home together we have successfully sorted out 3 long term health issues his teeth being the latest one. (Health is difficult area because of C's challenging behaviour and difficulties communicating in a way that we can understand). The difference this has made to C is HUGE. He is showing progress in leaps and bounds which is helping to boost staff confidence with him.

It has taken 10 months for C to venture out into the garden.
He is now enjoying meals out there, hours on the swing and trampoline and even a night in a tent!

Vigorous head shaking hand flapping laugh :)
Collapsing with laughter!

From pressing buttons on a calculator C is now pressing keys on a roll up piano! And I’m just putting together a talking photo album. I’ll let you know how he gets on with that.
And look at this – I still can’t believe it – at the last night club he turned round!