Thursday, 4 March 2010

C Spoke!!

After listening to high pitched oooooo’s and eeeee’s for 21 years I didn’t hear C's first words!! ‘Allegedly’ 1 member of staff heard C say... ‘hello’! Not only that but then when offered a choice of DVD’s he said ‘that one’.
I’m still trying to get my head round it! Did she miss hear? Was it wishful thinking on her part? I don’t know. But until more than one person hears C say something (if he ever does again) am trying not to get too excited!! But I never dreamt that his first word would be hello!! Very polite!

I was very honoured to be part of the editorial team for the Autism Strategy. And was excited to see what they had done with it when it was finally published and sent out on March 3rd. But I must admit to being very shocked - pleasantly so when I opened it to find a photo of C on the front page!
But this photo was taken at a not very fulfilling or rewarding time of his life. Some of you may remember when he was in his archaic first home they framed and sent me this photo after I had made several complaints about his treatment, (I actually blogged about this very photo at the end of this post back in 08!) I think they were trying to show me he was happy. So it doesn’t bring back very good memories.

But that aside I think the autism strategy is a good foundation to build on. Health and social care professionals and the public sector (i.e. the Police) will be given training in autism. So will depend largely on how good and extensive this training is. And local authorities will have to include autism in their planning of services.
The CQC have published their first yearly report on the state of health and adult social care in England. State of Care. Together with their new regulations which are based on Human Rights and with the Autism Strategy things are looking hopeful.

I wonder what C will say next?!