Friday, 14 August 2009

Touch wood

I still can’t quite process the fact that C’s new home is working really well!!

Learning from all the negative things the last home did, I talked at length with this new home - they have listened and put everything into practice.
It hasn’t all been plain sailing – but it is positive.

The last home C refused to let them take his helmet off. This time C is refusing to let them put it on him. Rather worrying for me, but his head banging has been minimal, and the staff have been learning fast. So he was obviously telling them he didn’t need it.

Apart from listening to both C and I. The main reason it’s working out so well is at the moment C is the only person in the home. The provider has about 12 homes across the county, they had a few vacancies (because of people moving into independent living) so had a reshuffle making C’s home just for school leavers. C being the first one in there means anyone else moving in will have to be compatible with C. He has about a month before the next person moves in giving plenty of time for the staff and C to get to know each other. I couldn’t have asked for better timing.

And talking of good timing. The week C left the old home I received a questionnaire from the Autism Accreditation programme (they review every 3 years) asking my views on the service provided! As you can imagine I had a lot to say! I am also taking up C’s experience with the Care Quality Commission.

So as C’s life is picking up and beginning to take on a new positive shape I am trying to come back down to earth after a couple of years of stress. I am so relieved I had the strength not to give up and accept things as they were. It at times has been very emotionally wearing but so far touch wood it has been worth it.

Am off to Autscape next week - should be interesting :)