Friday, 24 April 2009

No holes

I’ve always tried to be positive and creative from dealing with smearing, sleep deprivation to not eating and head banging. These are all forms of communication – I just have to try and work out what C is trying to say. Sometimes it is quite obvious and other times it has taken years to work out. After 20 years I think I can read C quite well! The majority of stress for both of us still comes from the so called ‘professionals’ who think they know better. I wonder if that will ever change? The move from an up to date forward thinking school to a group home who is still in the last century has been quite an eye opener, and at times soul destroying. I am still working on moving C – getting there slowly.

But anyway I digress as I want to share this recent photo with you. A rare moment with C as he doesn’t like to be touched (which makes helping him dress and wash etc interesting!) a moment that needs no words.

"I want to live in a world where I can say 'I am Autistic' and not be expected to be a bundle of abnormalities and deficits. I want the word 'Autism' to provoke not a mental defect or something that needs 'fixing', but an image of a wonderful and unique person with a wonderful and unique way of being and experiencing the world." - Amanda Baggs

There are no holes in C's Sky.