Sunday, 29 March 2009

Out and about...

C has been assessed by another home. Calculations have been done. His current home have now been told that he is leaving- oh you should have seen their faces!! So we are now working out a transition plan.
In the mean time C and I have had some great days to distract us

C enjoys the London eye so much whilst waiting in the queue he was so excited (big loud stimming!!) they gave us a pod to ourselves!!

As C seems to love views I had wanted to take him up the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth. So when I heard DJ Kirkby was doing a book signing there it was a great excuse to go!
The above photo is C standing on Europe’s largest glass floor 100 meters up.

And we both very much enjoyed a Duck Tour round London. The tour is both on land and on the river Thames. C only tried to dive in once!

I have known Lucy Baxter for years and was not at all surprised to see her stirring up public opinion recently. Some of the things she said were of course taken out of context. But has highlighted a taboo subject and much needed debate. Seeing our young men as adults with feelings not perpetual children who listen to nursery rhymes.

I would like to wish my brother well as he does a charity bike ride for MS in America. I just hope he doesn't end up like i did when i did my charity hike in the Himalayas. Let me know if you would like to sponsor him :)

And last but not least.
I wasn’t going to go on the London Autism Rally yesterday as to advertise it they were using such words as epidemic (which as you will see here is not a good word to use) and a few other words I did not agree with. But the organisers said they wanted to try and include everyone, and they did change some of their wording. So when the London autistic Rights Movement asked C and I to go to promote neurodiversity we did! Here are some photos.

There were many banners from pro -cure to anti-vaccine so i am very glad i was there with The London Autistic Rights Movement to make the case for acceptance. However to on lookers it must have been very confusing.

Out side Downing street.

We ended up in Trafalgar square.

I met some lovely people and was asked on several occasions why I didn't want to cure C. So i came away feeling as though i had done my bit. C enjoyed his day out to. And i was beaming with pride that we did this together.