Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Shrek Rap - The Single. Brought to life.

Another night for me to remember.
And what a night!!

DJ Kirkby’s double book launch of her new book 'From Zaftig to Aspie' and her partner Christopher King’s new book ‘Motorbikes, ducks and crispy sweet apples’. It was a wonderful evening listening to readings, drinking complementary peach champagne, meeting other bloggers and listening to a live jazz band.

But for me the high light of the evening (which all came about by chance) was seeing Daren Callow performing the rap that I had written (my very first blog post). It was quite overwhelming to hear my words come to life. I hope you enjoy it - if you do you can find details on Daren’s blog here or website of how you can buy it. Any money made is to go to charity.

Yes thats me signing copies! If you would like to win one let me know and i will put your names in a hat.

Other news. This may not come as a surprise to some. I have decided to take C out of his group home. It is not what I want for him and no amount of talking to them has changed anything. Of course this is not straight forward (hence I have been quiet). And after a very near miss in my local shopping centre last week when part of the ceiling collapsed onto the table and chairs my friend and I had been sitting at only moments before. (We had moved to a table nearer to where C was stimming as he feet watched.) It has made me even more determined not to waste time. C needs to be somewhere I have confidence in.
Valuing people now: a new three-year strategy for people with learning disabilities is now out and highlights all the things i have been saying to Cs home.
I will keep you posted.

Some of you may have seen on my Faces of Autism blog that I have at last added C along with my 3 year old nephew. I’m finding it very difficult not to overload my sister with info! But it is really good to hear the vast difference in attitudes of professionals and services that are around compared to when C was diagnosed. However there is still room for improvement!

Like this new advertising campaign. It certainly doesn't help new parents like my sister or autistic people themselves. Sharon over at The Voyage (and others) are asking for support to get this ad cancelled. The new campaign by Action for Children TV advertisement portrays autism as a monster to be defeated, a monster with the nice well behaved boy trapped inside. Please pop over to Sharon’s to see what you can do to help.

I have also made an appointment to see my MP about the Autism Bill to try and urge him to support this bill. You can email your support here.

And as they say "That's a rap!"