Saturday, 28 June 2008

Food for thought

When I am stressed or anxious I comfort eat, my weaknesses being cheese and pasta. C is the opposite, he wont eat at all, so will go for days without eating. So with Cs impending move we are both anxious and dealing with it in our different ways.

Since the day C was born feeding has been a struggle. He would quite happily or rather unknowingly starve to death.
Its not because he is a ‘picky eater‘. Eating is a complex motor task as well as having many sensory issues, which C (I think) finds all too much at times. He finds using a knife and fork too difficult so prefers to finger feed, when he does eat. Chewing is also a problem. Hunger just does not seem to register. I recently read that his long thin bones are due to his diet, or rather lack of. No surprise there!

C will have fads, if he eats it will be the same thing for a year or so, and then just stops eating it. But this has become shorter, becoming months.. It takes me a good few days of trial and error to find something else he will eat. (I wont go into the amount of food i have to bin.) He has also had fads of eating non food items (Pica)!

I haven't had C tested for food allergies because the range of food that he will eat is so small. He does unsurprisingly have stomach problems, due to his not eating. Its a vicious circle.

C is painfully thin, just laying in a bath will bruise his back as his bones stick out. I’m just amazed how he has grown to over 6 foot or has the energy to stim in the way that he does, on such a meagre diet with hardly any variety.

So i don't have any tips to share about helping your child to eat, i think i have tried most things. But would love to hear yours if you have any!
I found this fascinating post and comments over at NTs are weird, which if your child has eating issues I think is an interesting read.
Do you have any food fads?

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Parenting skills

As you know C will soon be moving into a full time home. One of the things this means for me is that I will have to give up the part time work that i do and love and find a flexible (so I can still have C home) full time job.
According to a survey a mothers job description would mean she could earn £30,000 pa (and the rest!) Parents develop many skills and as an autistic parent you develop more specialist skills and find sides of your self you never even knew existed.

I found this example of a resume for a housewife. However under 'experience' I think mine would read more like this;

Expert poo cleaner
Problem solving
Child development
Anger management
Stress management
Human resources
Mind reader
Specialist chef
Can read body language
Sign language
Good at following routines
Patience of a saint!
Thomas the tank engine expert
Can work under stress and on very little sleep.

With my love of all things Star Trek I quite liked the sound of this! Would you give me a reference?!
What would be on your CV and what would be your fantasy job?