Sunday 19 August 2007

Autistic Rap

My mum kisses me, my family dissess me.
Society dehumanises me. Despises me. Criticize me.
They are fossilized. I do not apologise.

I am ridiculed, violated, bullied. Ignored.
I am stared at, laughed at spat at.
What have I done to you? I mind my own business.
I do not listen. I do not see or give you the third degree.
I am holistic, simplistic certainly not materialistic.

My disability is your prejudice, systemic injustice.
Your presumptions and assumptions.
Intolerance of my difference.
Your misperception I take objection.

I am not a disorder, im not a symptom. Its not catching.
Im not a label or a vegetable or a crystal angel.
Im not a lost soul or out of control.
Im not from outer space, or a charity case.
I am suppressed not possessed.
Institution is not a solution.

I don’t have a condition, im not an exhibition.
Im not an artist or a musician, or on a hostile expedition.
Maybe I will become a politician.

Im not an Einstein or like Rain man.
Im not Pinocchio or Peter pan.
Im not ill, I don’t want your pills
Or your out of date text book skills.

Im not a zoo exhibition or a freak show,
Im a feeling human from head to toe.
I can get lost in the worlds beauty
So don’t make me fit in your reality.
Why should I conform
To what you think is the norm

Like a Big Brother contestant
All we want is acceptance.
The world loves Happyfeet Nemo and Shrek
So should I paint my face green and be on Star Trek?

I create employment and opportunity,
I educate the world in diversity.
You cant bleed the devil out of me,
People like me have influenced history.
You need me.

So don’t cure me.
Don’t pity me just let me be.

'Copyright © 2007 UKCS Registration No:280582'


Billy Boy said...

Shes crazy and mad,then she touches my feet i go mad...
I am not mad, you lot are.
Fingers in my ears,to many voices
The one voice I do hear,
I love her dearly. Now whos mad.

Suze said...

My name is Christopher pleased to meet you.....

People stare at me as I pass by
My usual declarations on the world
Scare you, make you cross the street, point and stare too.

Why can't you just leave me be,
If I was in this world of ours considered normal
You would not care, you would not mind
You would let me be, you might even be kind
But I do not conform
I do not subscribe
To the rules of this cock eyed society
I have my own way of expressing myself
However strange you find them
They are just me being happy, feeling free
So please please please just let me be me

My life is my own
So just let me be
I am no clone
I am one of a kind
I am me
You will find
If you just looked closer
A person who doesn't understand
This world, our land
So don't pity or malign me
Or antagonise me
Just remember
My name is Christoper pleased to me ya......................

anothermother said...

What do you see
when you look at me?
Dont call my name,
we are not the same!
I am not in pain!
I just want to be free,
No one is to blame,
I am not insane!
I am just being me!
So let me BE...

Night FirePaw said...

Why is it that the world we live in today the so called people our society see people with specail needs any mor diffrent than them.?

Due to the so called fact as they so bluntly put it that people with needs are Out Casts or treated worst just because that person or indvidual with specail needs acts in a diffrent manor then to what they would prefer in what they think they have the right to call a perfect world.?

what they fail to see in that people born and grown up diffrently to how they were
born and grown up that they think that are the sole inherites of the world there would like to have but it boil down to common fact and knowledge over the years taht people no matter what Age' Race ,Indiffrence or I appoligize for the stronges of this world Sexuality all eat the same food given some with the fack that we all have diffrnet tastes breath the same air share the same form of transport in certain way or another and everyone has to get on with life in diffren ways share oppnions by all means by not if it is going to ben incesitive or hurtful?.

now I am 100% sure I am not the olny one to say this or have'nt seen it but all' and has not travled around and that but two years ago i went to Africa and some of the worst places in Africa' and if everyday so called normal people went they and saw how hard life really can be than mebay they will show some respect in this community to people born diffrently because i see poverty at a all time low normal every day African people working for more then 10-15 hours a day with little drinking water and what little that might be could be invested with god no what bactia why so many people fall prey to man knoing dieseas' above all earning no more than $1 a day you know what that buys 1 drink of some sort or a little bit of for olny enough for 1 people but yet it gets shard out unless you the luckey on to buy a Cow's Chicken's or mebey Goat's.

so to thoes who read this or are out their in the fancy cars nice plush built out houses... Please please please show some considertion for other less unfourunte poeple.

thank you for reading this thoes that do read this moving story Night Firepaw.

Anonymous said...

This should be published in the local paper ,the mongrels who videod C want to be put in a place with straight jackets and laughed at to see how they like it.

Anonymous said...

I have one about NT children.

You have the ability to speak, what do you use it for? To bully, belittle, humilate.

You have the ability to control your movements. What do you use it for? To indimitate, hurt, cause pain.

There are so many people who are "disabled" in this world, who would use your abilities that you take for granted for much better things.

Next time you think of abusing, misusing, your voice or fists. First be glad we don't have the technology to take your voice, your movements, away from you. So we can give them to those "disabled" people who deserve them more than you.

Amanda said...

may I use C's rap in a new youtube video I'm doing? promise to give full credit!

Casdok said...

I would be honored!

Amanda said...

Thank you! just finishing it up-
put c's pic on it - hope you dont mind? will take it down/off if you do...

MiSScNeLLY said...

Wow this is awesome, such talent.
I really enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

I have Asperger's Syndrome myself, a close link to Autism. I relate directly to this really touched me. I felt the emotion when you mentioned the hate of the pills and attempt to cure. I've been on pills since I can remember, and most of my childhood weekends were spent in U of M getting tested, where I was diagnosed. I used to live with the cruelty of peers until I accepted my difference and embraced it.

Thank you for showing me that sometimes it's okay to cry. Thank you so much.

Unknown said...


Last night we had a discussion here about how people react.
I have 4 kids with autism spectrum disorder.

I would love to see the autistic rap on a poster.

It really touches me...and 2 of my sons who are at home at the moment.


bobbie said...

I hadn't discovered you poems until today, Casdok. This one is so touching. They should be publicized. If more people saw them - who knows - they might understand.

Thank you.

Lora said...

My son Griffin really likes your rap he is 13 and asked me to tell you that he feels the same way. Thanks for sharing.