Tuesday 8 April 2008

Films related to Autism

Even if you don't know very much about autism I'm sure you will have seen or heard of a few of these.
Please let me know the ones i have missed.

1962 - To kill a Mockingbird
1963 - A child is waiting
1969 - Change of Habit,
           Run Wild Run Free
1972 - A day in the death of Joe Egg,
           Brother Carl
1974 - Silence
1977 - A Circle of Children,
1978 - Lovey: A Circle of Children Part 2,
1979 - Being There,
            Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love,
1980 - Touched by Love,
1981 - The Pit
1986 - The Boy Who Could Fly,
            Childs Cry
1988 - Rain Man
1989 - The Wizard
1990 - Backstreet Dreams
           When you remember me
1991 - Little Man Tate
1993 - Family Pictures,
           What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
           House of Cards
           When the Bough Breaks
           Thirty Two short films about Glenn Gould1994 - Silent Fall
           Forrest Gump
           David's Mother
           The Innocent
1994 - Relative Fear
           Touch of Truth
1995 - Under the Piano
           Silence of Adultery
1996 - The Boys Next door
1997 - Journey of the Heart
1998 - I Am Sam
           Mercury Rising
           Down in the Delta
           Spoonface Steinberg
           Little Voice
           When the Bough Breaks II
           Perfect Prey
           Nightworld: Lost Souls
1999 - Molly
           The Other Sister
2000 - Dancer in the dark
2004 - Miracle Run
           Killer Diller
2005 - Mozart and the whale
           Magnificant 7
2006 - Snow Cake
2007 - Her Name is Sabine
           Yellow Brick Road
2008 - The Black Balloon
            Autism: The Musical
            Tropic Thunder (A nationwide boycott of this film is being called because of the movie’s open ridicule of people with learning disabilities.)
            : Just Add Water
             Treasure Diversity
             If you could say it in words
2009 - Adam
           Mary and Max
           City Rats
           Nobody Nowhere Donna Williams In development
            The horse boy
2010My name is Khan
            Dear John
            Temple Grandin
            A Mothers courage
           Ocean Heaven
           Wretches & Jabberers
           Dad's in Heaven with Nixon
            Quantum Apocalypse
2011   Loving Lampposts
2012   White Frog
           Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close