Sunday, 9 December 2007

Results of my Autistic poll and Ink blot

Well you all have very creative imaginations judging from your comments yesterday!! There were no right or wrong answers. But if you turned the top ink blot on its side you may have seen this!! (One i made earlier!)

Talking of autistic........If you look at the results of my poll asking parents and people who are autistic which term they use, I was not surprised by the results. 100% of autistic people who voted prefer the term autistic. And as a progressive society we should respect how they feel.
When support organisations were born to help parents, the old terms were used which we now see as derogatory.
As times changes and people were able to have more of a voice, some began to listen, many of the ‘labels’ were changed. And quite rightly too.
We have come a long way from calling the local characters in our towns the village idiots.

For example Mencap The Royal Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults is now Royal Mencap.

The Spastic Society is now Scope.

The word Mongol is no longer used.

Mental handicap/disability is also no longer used as people confuse it with Mental Health. And in the UK we don’t hear the word retard anymore (thankfully) which I have seen on blogs from America.
More logos are also being positively updated.

Saying this, do people still use the word 'disorder' as in ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)? If not should i change my Casdok acronym?
Thank you Maddy for my lovely award!


Kassiane said...

Here they still use ASD as in Disorder but I prefer ASC (condition) or ASD as in difference. Yeah, Ive got disabilities but I have strengths too. And people get too hung up on the disabilities some times to see the strengths.

What's interesting about your poll is you could send that to the most prominent "People first language no matter what" people & theyd essentially tell you that it doesn't matter what we call ourselves, because autistic people's opinions don't really count, being PC is more important. A few of us have gotten into it with a certain prominent person. I hope as LISTENING gets more common, public people will listen too.

Does C have a preference? Autistic or With Autism?

Casdok said...

Thank you kassiane, i will send the results off and if i get a response i will let you know. C does not have a preference (that i know of anyway!)

DJ Kirkby said...

Very clever

Faith said...

Never thought of turning the ink blot round and trying to read it. Just shows you.

QUASAR9 said...

Very clever Casdok,
I too thought it was an alien with a ray gun, but then again I was looking at it lopsided.
It's all a matter of perspective, what the mind sees thru the eye.

QUASAR9 said...

Hope you and C are having a 'fun' weekend, leading yo to xmas.

frog ponds rock... said...

hehehehe I still think it looks like dobby, lol

cheers kim

Pixie said...

The way we have changed as a society in our awareness of the power of labels can only be a good thing. We just need our attitudes to match up!
I work very hard at not letting my clients be labelled, either by society or themselves if they are using them in a destructive way bacause of how they feel.
They do have at least have that choice and as a society we shouldn't disrespect others whomever they are.

BBC said...

I had thought of flipping those graphics, but never got around to it or I would have spotted that. Crafty little critter aren't you?

A thought, why change names if you don't want to change what C is? Just wondering.

You can change the name for the 'village idiot' for example, but everyone still gets the point.

Besides, we are a planet wide village of idiots. :-)

But thank you for being you.

So, have I just added some more confusion? LOL

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

I use the term disorder when I need to, and like kassiane I also use the word difference at times. I find it really depends on who I'm talking to or dealing with and what about. It's a tricky one. I was interested to see that kassiane uses the word condition - I use that often as well (find it fits better - a 'particular state of being' rather than 'disordered')... I wonder if there is a right way or not... I'll be interested to see what people think on this one.

PS Congratulations on your award!!!

laughingwolf said...

great stuff, m'dear...

yes, we DO need change, but proper change, NOT the politically correct kind! grrrrrrrrr

bubandpie said...

I'm still stuck in the slightly-hypothetical-sounding "has a diagnosis of autism." But given our psychiatrist's frank uncertainty about the diagnosis, I guess that's not denial so much as reasonable doubt.

Jen said...

They definitely still use "disorder" up here (at least as in Autistic Spectrum Disorder"...I've actually noticed that a lot more newly-diagnosed parents now call their kids ASD rather than "autistic" (a few years ago everyone was calling it PDD).

Unfortunately I still hear the word "retard" everywhere...not from professionals, but still from parents and certainly on the street. It's one of my top five least favourite words.

Frances said...

I read your postings regularly, but do not always comment. I admire what you are doing here with your words, encouraging us to think new thoughts. But, clearly, you have even more amazing accomplishments out the range of any computer's keyboard.

Best wishes. xo

Anonymous said...

I love this blog.

I am glad Mongol has faded into the night

doggybloggy said...

all of this is clever and thought is hard to know the right thing to say and it is so easy to say the wrong thing...

Ed said...

I also appreciate what Kassianne has said.
The veiw that a democracy exist when it doesn't creates the worst consequences.
When autistics or any other minotity that has no rights provided to us (as to what we want or don't want) claiming that any one elses veiws counts (as in that describing a demorcracy....which it isn't at all) creates more of the abuse of power that created the problem in the first place.

Seamus said...

Very clever inkblot!!!! LOL

It is gratifying to see change in perceptions.

Samantha said...

Taggy tag tag, you're it! The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write 8 habits/facts about yourself and post it on the interweb for all the cyber weirdos to see! Hurrah!

Casdok said...

Thank you Samantha!!! Im sure people dont want to know anything about me?!!!!
Are you calling readers weirdos???!!!!!!!!!! :)

slouching mom said...

talk about thinking outside the box! i didn't figure it out.

congrats. on the well-deserved award.

MY OWN WOMAN... said...

I took care of a 39 year old man with the "diagnosis" of Asperger - Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Forgive me for being ignorant, but are there different types of Autism or is Asperger the only one that has a name unique unto itself?

cher said...

the word disorder makes me think of something out of alignment...which is what i believe is the deal with autistic people. their brains are hard wired differently. in a different order than the norm. i don't think disorder has a negative connotation to it. don't change it.

another note, i use the word retarded all the time. but i am not referring to mentally handicap people. i like the word retard...retarded. it is a music word to me... slow... the oposite of crecendo (sp?)i've thought about doing a post about taking back the word retard. mentally handicap people would probably support this i think. mappily shedding the tie to them with this word. i think i should do this post. i don't find the word offensive. in fact, i find it really fun to say.

Casdok said...

Thanks Cher for your thoughts. The UKs world of learning disability wouldnt like to hear you say that. We havent used it for years as it is totally disrespectful here.
Even if you changed its connotation.

tony said...

Yes,I am always slightly saddened when i see the word "retard" used on many American Blogs.I find it especially odd given that The States has often led the way in Progressive Developments in Education etc.
Great Blog By The Way (i just came across you by chance today)

Janis said...

You are so sweet and remind me of my Ex's sister.

Ange said...

I don't say autistic really because I have no idea if my kids are autistic or not. Depends who you ask re: the label. Both have been formally dx with PDD-NOS by more than one doctor. But at any given time one might just appear ADHD, or SID, or ACC, and the other may just seem SID, or dyspraxic etc. All I know is they're not "neurotypical." Neither am I. *shrug*

Wade said...

Oooo, I cringe when I hear the word 'retard'!!

You'll be proud of me for correcting someone not long ago for using the word to refer to someone who was just not thinking that day.

"It's a medical term, Wade!"

"No it's not - especially not the way you used it!"


Laura said...

WOW - very interesting. Very thought provoking.

I do not have much personal experience with ASD - but through friends and family, I have usually heard that their loved one is Autistic.

My son has a medical condition and so many doctors refer to it as so many different names and terms - it is confusing. Some even call it a syndrome and I feel uncomfortable with that - not sure if this is the same, but I can relate to your post.

Thanks for sharing. I plan to read your blog on a regular basis. It is very great! Thanks!

tommie said...

I never even thought to look at the words sideways.....kind of surprising since I don't normally see things the 'normal' way.

Cowgirl said...

You always make me stop and think, Casdok. Thanks for that, great blog.

Marla said...

Good post. I so did not catch the word in the ink blot! In a post above the term "retarded" is talked as being okay. I so wish that word would not be used as it is now. I hear kids saying it all the time. There are so many things wrong about using that word and many of the others. I just don't understand thinking it is okay and even cool or fun to use.

DJ Kirkby said...

I've given you an award

BostonPobble said...

As a writer, I believe words are important. At the same time, I cannot abide people using PC terms simply because they know that's the word or phrase they are "supposed" to use. Awareness of labels can only take us so far ~ attitudes have to change as well. "Retard" is still used in the US with great frequently, which appalls (sp?) me. Unfortunately, so are phrases such as "handi-capable", which I find equally as offensive because they strike me as patronizing and indicative of a lack of attitude change.

Regarding respecting the right of the person to choose the label, people tend to forget that only an individual can self-identify. If a person wants to be called "autistic" rather than called "having a diagnosis of autism" then it is the ultimate in disrespect to refer to them any other way, regardless of political correctness.

This got a little long. Can you tell it's a trigger for me, as well? Great post.

Casdok said...

Yes i can! But that is good!! For me that is what blogging is all about to discuss and hear others views!
So make it as long as you like!!

Amanda said...

well, people still refer to it as a disorder...right out of the DSM IV.
i think the word itself is very telling
"disorder" -since normal is in the eye of the beholder.

I try not to refer to autism as a disorder, sometimes i do though.