Saturday, 17 November 2007

Life before blogging

Phil Plasma asked me (yes I am still wading through the questions) What is the 3rd thing you do when you get up in the morning.
1st Go to the loo!
2nd Put the kettle on.
And 3rd - look at my emails!

And what did I do before blogging (Did you know theres even a blogging spectrum?!) I read more books, now I read more blogs!

So what’s the 3rd thing you do? And what did you do before blogging??? And I will throw in, why did you start blogging?!


Elizabethd said...

I think the 3rd thing I do is to go back to bed with the cup of tea that was the 2nd thing! If you see what I mean.

Elissa said...

The third thing would be opening the curtains... I have to admit turning on my computer is usually the second thing... that's only if the kids aren't up before me and then everything is too much of a blur to even work out what is happening in what order!

We started blogging mostly with a need to reach out and share, and connect with others in our situation.

Life before blogging?!?

Was there such a thing?!?

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

On a week day, 3rd thing i do is pack the kids school lunches. (wee, switch on comp, pack lunches)

I started blogging after a very drunk phone conversation with joie in nz, who blogged. I'd never even heard of a blog till that night, and next thing you know, I had one!

frog ponds rock... said...

3rd is turn on the computer. I then read my emails and check my daughter Veronicas blog as I am drinking my morning coffee..
Generally this is about 1-2 hours before everyone else gets up. This is MY TIME.. I then have a quick look at google reader to check which of the blogs I read have new posts.

I used to read a lot before I started blogging as well. lol.

My daughter talked me into starting my own blog as she seems convinced that I have interesting things to talk about.. I haven't found my voice yet, But I am gaining in confidence..

I especially like your blog, because You make me think..

thankyou again kim..

her indoors said...

before blogging i used to go out and spend lots more money, and watch more tv lol

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Third thing I do is take the dogs out for their morning walk about a brisk hours walking - keeps them happy and me fit.

I started Blogging to get me back into writing and it worked!!!!! Although now so busy with Purplecoo and I don't have much time for writing . . .eeeeekkkk. Every week I promise to start the re-write of my latest children's book - plus another one all drafted ready to write and . . . . I have so many excuses.

Anonymous said...

The third thing is usually make a cuppa then wake Amy up, if she isn't already awake.
Before blogging, I did all the things I do now to a large scale and the reason I started blogging was because I love to write.

Crystal xx

Nancy said...

1. go pee
2. get a cup of cofee
3. get in the shower ... because if I started reading blogs or e-mails, I'd be later for work every day. Later as in, I am usually late anyway.

Before reading blogs? Books .... but I really think I learn more from reading blogs. At lease I care about the writers of blogs more than "authors".

Anonymous said...

My third thing would usually be the shower (after 1. Emails and 2. Coffee ;-)).

Blogging was just an experience I had never done before and it made me so very curious!

Anonymous said...

3rd thing I do is feed the animals.
I started blogging because a friend of mine had one and I was commenting on her blog. It was nice meeting people and interacting with them so I started my own.
Have a great weekend.:)

Marla Fauchier Baltes said...

I take the dogs out. I began blogging because I wanted to add some creativity to my life. I love to write too so that was a bonus.

Milkmaid said...

My 3rd thing is get dressed, that's after Loo and drink tea that hubby has brought me
Before blogging, i used to play solitaire and go on ebay, I started because of Country Livings fair trade for farmers campaign and just happened to notice this 'blog' thing, seems long ago

Maddy said...

It's more complicated than that around here. It all hangs on whether I'm up before them or skudding downstairs after their heels.

Bonnie said...

Third thing I do, I don't know if I have a consistent order...

I started to blog as a means of connecting with the outside world and connecting with others who are traveling down similar roads...

Chris H said...

1st - Sit up in bed and turn on the laptop, read my emails and update my blog!!!!
2nd - Go to the loo
3rd - Make my bed, open the curtains, get dressed.
So, that makes me ADDICTED doesn't it? LOL

BEFORE BLOGGING... was there life before blogging? So cannot remember! And it's only been 1 year!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

#1 Hit the snooze button on the alarm. 7 more minutes of doze.
#2 Snooz button again.
#3 You guessed it... snooze button.

Amanda said...

1. loo
2. feed cat that has tripped me all the way to the kitchen
3. coffee

Withy Brook said...

Get dressed
Pee and clean teeth

What did I do before?
Watched more tele. Beaded. Wasted time in other ways. Think this is not wasting time.

Scorpy said...

1: Loo
2: Kettle/Coffee
3: TV for morning news headlines
4: Emails and blog updates
5: Shower

Before the Blog, I just skipped the PC and went straight for the shower. I started blogging because I split from my wife and I was feeling alone and needed a voice to vent. My first year was a whole lot of "Why me...?"

BBC said...

1: Push the button to start the computer booting up.

2: Start a pot of coffee.

3: Take a leak or start checking emails.

I started a blog because I was under the delusion that I could get mankind to see that he was 'God' in evolution.

Yeah, right, that has worked out very well, In almost two years I've picked up maybe a 100 believers.

But I must say my blog was taken some very interesting, and sometimes entertaining paths. It is just ahead of its time in some ways, mankind just isn't ready yet to take responsibility for what he is.

buffalodickdy said...

1. Hit the bathroom.
2. Start coffee.
3. Take pills & vitamins.
I started blogging 1-1/2 yrs ago so I could comment on my sons' blog. I couldn't unless I had a blog, so I set one up. He lives and works 700 miles away, so it was one more way to stay in touch. One thing led to another, and soon I was posting and reading different blogs from all over the world! It has been very educational, and also enjoyable. I try to post 3 times a week, and try not to make it about cooking every time! I finally learned how to post photos a few months back, which seems to spur interest in people to check it once in awhile. Hope you have a little fun with blogging, too!

LAA and Family said...

1. Pee
2. Coffee!
3. Laundry

There is no way I can check e-mail or blog in the morning, I'd never get to anything else all day! (I learned that the hard way!)

Here's how I started blogging. First, after watching a dismal portrayal of autism on a TV interview last winter I got online to see if I could find ANYONE who had views about autism similar to mine. I did on several blogs and was thrilled to read them. I started my own blog to connect with others and I suppose as a stress reducer. It's good therapy for me to write about what is going on and what I think about all of it. It's also good therapy for me to read about what others are going through.

Wade said...

Before blogging I watched MUCH more TV. Blogs are way more interesting!

And I started because I didn't think that everybody should have a place to rant but me . . . hence the name of my blog.

Simple Mindz said...

I can't remember what I did before!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Before blogging I spent more time reading the news and participating in an online discussion group. I guess I've just redistributed my computer time with blogging!

I started blogging because I love to write and wanted to write -- and because with all the things going on in our family (sex addiction, autism, racial differences), my husband and I have always felt we had a lot to share -- a lot that others could learn from -- so, I figured I'd start sharing my half of it all!

Phil Plasma said...

The third thing I do is get out of bed.

Before blogging I posted to usenet.
The original impetus to start blogging was so I could post replies to someone else's blog.

I am amazed at how many of your readers have 'turn on the computer' in their top three things after waking up.