Sunday, 21 October 2007

C at work

It has often been put to me that people like C (who don’t 'do' anything) don’t make a contribution to society and are a drain on resources.
One of my responses to that is that he keeps many people in a job! For example, PAs, Care staff, Education staff, Psychologists, Physiatrists‘, Speech therapists, Music therapists, Social workers. Community Nurses, etc. Cs school are the largest employers in the town its in.
But anyway, here is an example of C not doing anything!

Our day yesterday;

C cleaned 4 BR train windows with his tongue.

C did a safety inspection on the escalators in 3 shopping centres.

(Please don't enlarge this pic, i didn't notice what was on his finger nails till too late!)

C made sure everyone knew where the exit's of a pub were, at lunch time, sorry forgot to take a pic!

C entertained the passengers waiting for a train by doing his tribal high jumping.

And C did quality control checks on 9 DVDs. He has to do the same ones every day! Just to make sure.

For C- all in a 20 hour days work!

Joking apart - there is a place for everyone, and everyone has his/her place.


Pipany said...

Casdok your blogs are breathtakingly honest and are teaching me much. I have done a quick catch-up (behind as ever) and found the previous one made me think very hard about the rights of our children. Well done for that. I also find it incredible that we still have idiots who think that ANY child/adult with disabilities, etc is a drain not an important segment of society. I can only imagine they have not been touched by such things...yet. xx

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Lovely day in the life of C, he's a busy lad, isn't he? when we lived in London my son went to a special needs school, bused for an hour each way every day (it's closed now, thank goodness). No children our local area were used to folk like Sam, which made it difficult when his siblings had friends over - they were embarrassed by their friends reactions to him. Sam could never survive a mainstream school, he needs one on one teaching, and we had little options available. Where we live now, all schools have a special needs unit attatched which works almost autonomously from the main school - but Sam's unit is intergrated in morning assemblies, and mixes with the mainstream on sports days and other events. Able bodied kids are used to seeing and being around disabled children, and look out for them, talk with them, and include them as a natural part of our society. Because there are so many special units, they are also small in size (there are only six pupils in Sams), the same teachers remain allocated to the one child throughout their entire stay there. This system not only benefits Sam, it benefits our whole community by educating people there is nothing to fear from kids who appear different.

Anonymous said...

Since when do we have to prove our worthiness to be alive?!?
...and what a ridiculous thing to say that someone is nothing but a drain on resources!
We all have our unique qualities and where would our world be without them?
3 cheers for C!!!

buffalodick said...

You could teach classes in how to give quality of life to all....

Vi said...

the last saying, very true!

Marla said...

I love this post. The pictures are great. I had a big smile on the entire read. Are those movies his favorites? I love the tribal high jumping. I can totally picture him jumping.

BBC said...

Um, okay, C provides employment for others. I won't argue that point. And I don't have any problem with taxpayers helping pay for supporting them. Not spoil them, but support them.

But I do have a problem with 30 thousand others dying of starvation everyday while a few get their special needs taken care of because I think of them everyday.

I don't know what the answer is, but things sure seem unequal to me.

mommy~dearest said...

I too, am playing catch up on blog-reading. I am so happy for you that things are going well with C's visit home. A smile! How thrilling is that!

And I totally agree. Everyone definately has their place in this world. I wish people would be more empathetic to disabilities. It really angers me when Jaysen gets "comments" and "looks". He's just a kid! Ugh- I have to stop talking about it because I'll just rant on.

Shari said...

Thank you, Casdok. I used to hear comments all the time about how "disabled" people collect disability (here it's called Social Security-supplemental income or disability) are getting free money from the government and hard working people pay for it. There are so many jobs created because of disabled people. I never thought about that. I collect disability now and I don't like the negative vibes I get from some people. Thank you for your post.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I have just read your blog today for the first time. I find your insights inspiring. You have obviously been through so much as a mother, yet your strength of character shines through.

JUST A MOM said...

ok I know there are brainless people in this world BUT do some realy say things like this? I must REALT be sheltered... I am so sorry that is soooooooooooooooooooooo ignorant.... hope yoru day will be a peaceful one.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very interesting. I have an autistic nephew that i love very much.

The real reason I'm commenting is to warn you about BBC though. He is a women hating troll, who will turn insulting on you sooner or later. Don't give him your e-mail address whatever you do. I have been told that he will send pictures of his nasty old penis to unsuspecting women.
Just a warning from some of BBC's past victims.

Casdok said...

I agree totally with your comment. I feel very fortunate that i had C is this time in history and in a prosperous country. It does not stop me realising other people are not so fortunate.

Just a mum, Yes, this has been said to me on more than one occassion. And im sure many more people think it.

Anon, Thank you but like i said on this post, everyone has thier place.

Suzy said...

It's great to know and have a glimpse how C enjoys his day.

Good for him!!!

I would support him no matter what.

He holds a place in this world just like the rest of us.


BBC said...

It's nice to have found someone that understands me as well as you do. As well as Terri and Lee Hutching's understands me.

Interesting journey, is it not? I'm off to the beach now. Hugs.

Sweet and Salty said...

The way I see it, C's life and relative importance in the world is no different than most other people's lives. Many others take up resources that could be used for other things/needs, luxury items are purchased at exorbitant prices while others go hungry, etc... People like C, and my son, are important in someone's life and make a difference, love and are loved. I'm not convinced that that's all that different than many others in society who don't contribute very much to a "larger picture" but no one complains about their impact.

Just a thought.

Cait O'Connor said...

I appreciate your blogs, you are doing a great thing educating people.Love the photos too.

Anonymous said...

Pity can't remain anon still i enjoy your blog.

I wonder what do's a train taste like might give it a go myself when i am hungry (Dinner?) xx

Ian Lidster said...

I detest people who must put a pricetag on human worth. Thoughtful post. But all of yours are, my dear.

Jade said...

Sounds like a pretty productive and successful day.

And as a reply to what others have told you "people like C are a drain and don't contribute" well all I can say is this; Working with people like C has changed my life dramatically. This population has added so much substance and growth to my life. They teach me just about as much as I teach them and I am so grateful to be allowed into their world and lives. These kids without trying contribute more to society in my mind that many "non spectrum" people. lol and thats my 2 cents.

Hope you and C are having a peaceful day.

Christy said...

Some people are just simply morons, ok. I mean how dare anyone feel they are special enough to decide who is deemed important enough or productive enough in life.

I wish I could jump so high!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I think part of what is so wrong in society is the attempt to place a financial value on everything.
C has so much to teach a world not realising how much it has to learn BG x

KC's Blog said...

K.C. also cleans our arcadia door with his tongue! I try to distract him from doing it but nothing doing, he's determined to lick every square inch of the glass.
Love the pics of C!

Anonymous said...

Live and let live. If he's happy, who has any right to make him otherwise. He has special needs. He needs constant help to live and you are doing just great.

Crystal xx

Anne Brooke said...

People don't need to "do" anything to be valuable members of society - they just need to be!



Jenn O'Neil said...

I am always amazed what people will say directly or indirectly about others. I often wonder what they would think or say if they were in a situation similar to yours. A parent of a disabled child or being a disabled person themselves. People have to realize that we are all just one car crash - fall or tackle away from the possibility of being disabled Amazing.

Thank you for sharing C's day with us.

Casdok said...

Yes, it could happen to any of us at any time.

QUASAR9 said...

lol Casdok, sounds like someone has been having fun.

As to the use or purpose of people, needless to say there wouldn't be well paid medical research posts if there weren't medical conditions to research, there wouldn't be any need for restaurants and small businesses if people didn't eat out and consume, there wouldn't be any need for cars or public transport (buses, planes & trains) if people didn't have appointments to keep or places they wanted to go.

"If we want a society that functions, then we are going to have to accept that money is a form of public utility, similar to roads, not private property. That means that since taxpayers pay for the monetary system and insure the banking system, the profits of that system should be public funds." by John Merryman @ Cosmic Variance

Fire Byrd said...

and you love him! So nah boo shucks to everyone who doesn't understand.

Angela said...

I am sure that C will find his place like we all do. Sometimes it takes a bit of looking before we find where we should be includeing me.

Not real said...

Truly...since when do we need to prove our worth in order to continue living. Should we submit a request every year stating what good we do, and what input we have into society? I should certainly hope not!

Unknown said...

Life is beautiful,
and C is full of life.

Thanks for these past few days of awesome posts!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone would have the balls to say that stupid comment to you ever. Please tell me that while you are pointing out how many people he keeps in a job you are also kicking these people squarely in the nether region!

Hermes said...

Diversity is not the spice of life. It is the key to our survival. This has demonstrated genetically and evolutinarily speaking in a number of cases and I think applies to society. That someone is exceptional is use enough to any society. Who knows what genes and what character traits will benefit the world at some later date? I bet the first living thin that ever had eyes was considered a useless mutant. Well where are all those eyeless fishies now? Extinct, that's where. As for resources, it is not about balance. Resources should go where they are needed. C needs them and so do those starving and homeless. It is not a choice. It is not one thing at the expense of another. What would be the absolute lowest standard of living any of us would expect if we had to rely on government support tomorrow? That standard should be mandatory for every citizen.
Whew. And... I'm spent.

whimsical brainpan said...

As someone who doesn't work and is a "drain on society" all I can say is AMEN!

Gary said...

Every human being has an inherent right to be here and be who they are. If I believe any one of us has more inherent value than the next, it's simply arrogance and hubris. I'll be dust in a blink of an eye. So will George Bush, the Pope and Brittany Spears for god's sake.

What matters? Love, compassion, connection.

Who can elicit or experience those things? Each one of us - in our own way.

P.S. I've been accused of great intolerance... when I gripe about intolerant people.

Randy said...

Glad to hear C's having fun at home.