Monday, 3 September 2007

Like any mother.

When C was diagnosed i was told i should give him up for adoption.
I did not even think about it.
But this did not prepare me for someone very recently implying i should of had C aborted.
No parent should have to hear this.
The opposite of this is also very upsetting. When people don't know what to say to you so they say nothing, as though my son does not exist.
He very much exists. My life is built round him, like any proud mother i love talking about him. And like any mother all i want for my son is for him to be happy.


Anonymous said...

oh how awful! who would say such a thing? you have been through so much haven't you? you need a break from hurtful words and actions.

Casdok said...

What we have been through lately is normal!!! We have had verbal abuse in one form or another for 18 years. And my poor son has had to endure other forms of abuse as well.
I think this is one of the reasons for writing this blog, to make people think just a bit.
But the abusers are not the ones who are going to read this.
Thank you for your kind words.

C said...

People say all sorts of horrid things. Crazy. Some days you expect it, and other days it catches you off guard.

I'm sorry that any of us have to hear words that directly afront our children. Just sending my love - one mother of special needs kids to another!

Billy Boy said...

As one of those people who used to care for him many years ago, always love hearing and seeing him. Looking down when he was a child and now as he's an adult, looking up to him..You have always been there for him..

Anonymous said...

I too have had many similar ill comments or alltogether ignoring us both. A few of our family members only speak and play with my typical daughter and act like my son doesn't exist. It is hard to toughen my skin. I'm grieving the loss of not only my child's future, but my own sibling as well.

Judy E said...

Kudos to you as a mother. I know it must not have been easy for you but you have persevered and stand by your son when so many others would have turned their backs. Your son is blessed to have someone like you in his life. Every child is a blessing, don't let anyone EVER tell you otherwise.