Wednesday, 5 September 2007


C doesn't speak.
And as a mum this was one of the things i wanted more than anything, to hear his voice. To hear him say mum or i love you! I used to have dreams about it ( a friend of mine still does!)
But after 18 years, i find this is not important anymore.
He doesn't sign either and as for PECS......well!!
But he dose communicate by his actions and with his eyes. Id say i know about 90% of the time what he is meaning. He certainly gets 'no' across!
A few years ago in a review i was told in passing that his has oral dyspraxia, which may explain why he doesn't talk. And not that hes a male chauvinist and expects us women to mind read!!!
The trouble with not speaking and appearing not to be interested in much, makes one assume that he doesn't understand. But after reading blogs like this one others, they have made me question this.

About 7 years ago i had a phone call from his boarding school. Apparently 3 members of staff had heard C say 'Thank you'. Unbeknown to them on that same day i had had long distance Reiki done on him. Coincidence? Who knows! He has never spoken again.

His actions are louder than words! And he is certainly not quiet!!


Anonymous said...

sending big kind wishes and warm hugs via your blog. any progress with the pc traumas? you are inspirational and brave. the events and behaviours you catalogue are not a great reflection of the state of our so-called 'human race'. almost embarrassing to belong.

mcewen said...

PECS were a nightmare for us too. Spent most of the time groveling on the floor trying to collect them after a throwing match!

Ballastexistenz is a wonderful source of information.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I can relate to your life! I will check out ballas... blog. TY!
Does he like electronics? Have u tried one of those newer, electronic category boards that speak? I want to check them out for my son.
I wish C got into signing.