Saturday, 1 September 2007


I am still in the library :( I have had to change my routine, which has completely thrown me!!
I know we all find change hard, autistic people in particular. My son couldn't cope when the council moved our local post box by 3 yards, even though he could still see it!
I certainly have a few autistic tendencies, as do some of my family! My ex husbands family also. C got it from all angles. To me it is obviously genetic. So if you terminated autism you would wipe out whole families and generations.
I have never wanted to cure my son, he would then be someone else! But i would like to cure societies attitudes.
I could go on about that but as i only have 5 mins left on this pc i wont!!

So a quick Happy Birthday to Cousin of Shrek (number 6 of 8) 2 today!


autiemom said...

Hi Mother of Shrek,

I found your blog through Ed's Autism Page. I hope you might like to join our group Autieparents.

see also my blog:

Elissa said...

Your very last statement has got it in one!