Thursday, 23 August 2007

Today we cleared a cafe

Today we cleared a café!
I try and position my son where he wont get in peoples way as he does like to stand and stim, a large backwards and forwards rocking motion with his fingers in his ears. He likes to watch people’s feet as they pass by and is very happy doing this for a couple of hours.
As you can imagine a 6-foot young man rocking, people find very bizarre and scary so they keep well away.
We have cleared shops, train carriages, pubs, swimming pools etc. Sometimes it can be quite nice as we get places to our selves! Other times it isn’t as we get people staring or making derogatory comments. He has even had dog biscuits thrown at him and teenagers filming him on their mobiles.
I hope in time as the general public become more used to seeing people with learning disabilities out and about that they become more accepting. But until then I try and pretend it doesn’t get to me. It can be very wearing.

A big happy birthday to Cousin of Shrek 3 of 8 xxx


Anonymous said...

I'd have said to them, "All of you treating my son like this. YOU are the monsters!" Maybe you should've filmed it with a phone camera. Would've been great for a Youtube on how horrible and disturbing NTs behave.

thekingpin68 said...
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Casdok said...
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