Sunday, 26 August 2007


That grabbed your attention didn’t it! And no I am not thinking of sending my son to a prostitute. But a man we met in a pub today thought I should!!!
We just went out for a nice quite Sunday pub lunch (well with Cs large stimming and high-pitched squeaks it wasn’t very quite). Whilst he is happily unknowingly entertaining the people in the pub, I bury my head in a suduko trying not to notice the stares and mutterings. He is happy and that is important to me.
A man came over to me and started asking me questions. I don’t mind this at all and wish more people would. He asked the usual questions, but after he asked me Cs age and I told him C was 18. He told me I should pay for him to go to a prostitute and then he might start talking as he would thank me!!!
At this point C realised I was talking to someone and stopped stimming and just glared at me! The man took this as C agreeing to his suggestion! I took this as 'mum if you don’t stop talking to strangers I am going to start hurting myself!'
The man then launched into when he was that age sex was all he could think about. Thankfully (and I don’t often say that) C started to head bang so I made our excuses and left. Even though i was amused, but wasnt sure where his story was going as he had had a bit to drink!! As I got up the man handed me a penny and said it was for luck.
I was quite touched. And not offended as I felt he meant well. That doesn’t happen often.


Exmoorjane said...

Crikey, not sure how I'd handle that particular sound like one cool lady!

violet_yoshi said...

That guy took the movie Tommy by The Who, the completely wrong way!

toby said...

Tricky subject. I have a couple of friends who work as escort girls and they have occasionally met disabled clents. One young man with severe cerebral palsy required 24/7 nursing care; his parents vacated the house when an escort arrived.
However, a single meeting might create extra problems; unless you can afford further "appointments".