Saturday, 25 August 2007


I thought I would talk about poo today! And yes people who know me would properly say I do talk poo (and I get told off when talking to my young nephews and nieces about it! I do try not to anymore, but it is a large part of my life, and helps if I joke about it!)
Here’s a short poem I wrote a few years ago, which might explain my obsession!

Poo here, Poo there
Poo on the walls, poo in his hair.

It’s in his ears, eyelids too,
Between his toes-dried on poo.

Poo on his face, poo on the floor
Poo everywhere there can’t be any more!

It’s all over the bed, all over the chair,
The smell of poo lingers in the air.

Behind the radiator, inside books,
At the ceiling I dare not look.

The most poo you have ever seen,
But at least the toilet I do not have to clean!!!

Yes my boy smears. Nothing like he used to thankfully. Was up to 5 times a day! And the bigger he got the bigger the smearing got! But like all of his behaviours you accept that’s what he does and just get on with it.
Once we had an incontinence advisor come in. From my part it was brilliant as I could have great conversations with someone else who knew about poo! My son had other ideas and just didn’t poo for 10 days!
I have many embarrassing toilet stories I could share, but maybe I will leave them for another day.
This isn’t a subject I can say I have come across on other blogs? For some reason people don’t like to talk about poo! Or am I wrong?


Merelyme said...

nope...other people do talk about poop! here is a link to a lady who does:

we have have had our share of poop adventures like when my son pooped in the bathroom sink. not sure how he got his bum up there.

Casdok said...

Thank you Merelyme. I will look into that!

Exmoorjane said...

Oh yes, purplecoo is definitely your place! I used to blog a lot about poo - mainly of the canine variety, it has to be said.. my dog, ASBO Jack has a tendency to balance perfectly formed turds on the very edge of steps - so you walk directly onto them when walking out the door first thing in the morning.
But, having worked in a nursing home in the dim distant past, I hvae done human poo too. Think, on balance, it's marginally better to deal with than dog. But others might disagree.. Oh heck, feel another poo blog coming on....

Joeprah said...

Writing is such a great outlet and I bet writing that poem helped put some of the things into perspective or at least helped you look at it in a different way. Great site from a great lady! Excellent photography also! Cheers!

frog ponds rock... said...

I am surrounded by wallaby poo..
possum poo too..
Sorry that it doesnt help..
But I am sending positive energy to you and C. xox


Anonymous said...

brilliant poem!! had me in fits of laughter this morn....YES! we do not like to talk about it but I know exactly where you are coming from! You should send this into the NAS.