Friday, 24 August 2007

Mobile phone filming

I shouldn’t have mentioned teenagers filming my son on their mobile phones as it happened again today.
It was in our local shopping centre. He is so content to stim and watch peoples feet as they pass, whilst my friend and I have much needed coffee. He’s not harming anyone. It makes me so mad. I feel so violated.
Thankfully as far as I know my son is totally unaware of incidents like this. But then it is difficult to know how much he knows. He doesn’t speak or sign and his fingers are glued in his ears when people talk to him. And if he is unhappy he head bangs. Bit of a give away really!
And yes I want to head bang too when I see idiots invading our privacy like this. Its bad enough people staring and muttering unkind things, but all that doesn’t compare to kids filming my boy.
I took a 15 second film of him on my mobile and have posted it on You tube. Thought I would get in there first! So if any of you see clips of him that weren’t posted by me, please let me know!!


Merelyme said...

oh i am so sorry this is happening to you and your son! i was just reading a post about privacy.

please go to this site...

this lady is on the spectrum and she is an advocate for people who have autism. there are many others there who may have ideas for you.

i just found your blog and i have linked to you.

i also have an MS blog as well.

casdok said...

Thank you merelyme.
I am a frequent visitor to ballastexistenz and have learnt so much from her.
I will also look at your blog and learn about MS from you!
Take care

Anonymous said...

I'd tell those teen's parents, to take away their cell phones. Children who behave like that do not deserve to have a "life" until they can respect the lives of others.

Anonymous said...

It would probably be nice to stand up, take out your own cell phone and start filming the teenagers too

(Yes, and I would probably not do this as well, but just be offended...)

I was looking up your nickname at youtube for your videos. You son looks so happy at the train station video and I loved getting an impression of him.

And your nephew made me smile too - what a sweetheart :-)

W Brown said...

thanks for sharing