Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Cinema trip

And today’s saga……
The last day of our summer holiday together. And our last long summer holiday together. Tomorrow I do the 9 hour round trip to take him back to boarding school.
So I took C to the cinema to see Shrek 3 for the 6th time as he loves it. (Don’t even ask how many times he has watched 1 and 2 on DVD. I once worked it out, it’s in the thousands!)
Anyway after queuing and enduring all the stares I asked for 1 disabled person and 1 carer’s ticket (Carer goes free). I was asked for carers ID. So I showed them Cs disabled train pass and buss pass. Apparently they were not proof! So I pointed at my son, it is obvious that he can’t access the cinema on his own, so that obviously makes me the carer doesn’t it??? Apparently not!
I asked to see the manager. Who was very rude and loud, so everyone heard. I have to buy carers ID card!!! To get this you have to show the same proof you showed to get the bus and train pass!!! She also added if my son carried on behaving the way he was then we would be escorted out. He was only rocking!
When we got home I wrote an email to their head office. They very quickly phoned me back and apologised for my distress and are changing their policy for the whole chain!!
I am happy with that, but it’s a shame I was made to feel so belittled, humiliated and on show.


Unknown said...

REALLY pleased to hear you shamed them into changing their policy! Hope C enjoyed his movie!

Anonymous said...

I have met many more NT children who act absolutely horrendous in public. Yet you hear stories, about disabled children being pulled out of movie theaters for laughing too loud, or rocking. Some nonsense like that.

I say if they want to reject your son from a public place for rocking. Then they should also reject parents who come in with kids who scream, cry, and in some cases hit. They are MUCH more of a problem.